Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunset Palette

A close up shot of the unusual sky at sunset
last night----it was shocking to see and
I took several pix----we did get a tiny shower
later and that's it----maybe today they'll
be more...this portentous type of sky
somehow, strengthens faith in a creator, if only
for the awesome complimentary colors.


Anonymous said...

I see a map of the United States in the blue!

Anonymous said...

Don't you see the faces? At least three are there--lower left and two on top....

scus said...

Awesome photo, makes a believer out of me!!!!

Anonymous said...

I immediately broke into song - "How Great Thou Are"

Gail said...

A sky like this that is not the messenger of something horrific is a joy to behold. "How Lucky We Are" to have it captured here.