Friday, April 4, 2008

Dog Talk

Saturday April the 5th 2008
I thought some of you would like to see
the dog in the e mail contest yesterday in
full face handsomeness. You can get
a much better look at Corey, too---doesn't
he look like his father, Kent? It looks
like the dog is about to say something----I
wonder what it would be? Please
leave a comment with your guess
at what it might be. Just write the
comment, sign if you want---
click on anonymous and
publish---or something
like that. Good Luck !


scus said...

Such a beautiful dog!!!
"Stop staring, you make me so self conscious".

Anonymous said...

I thought the dog had a worried looked with his rather wrinkled brow. He might be saying, "How does the vet take my temperature?"

Ann said...

I think he is going to ask Jill if she wants to go to lunch

Anonymous said...

and she will accept I'm sure !

Anonymous said...

"You're not to sit there, and tell me you can't remember my name are you!?"

Anonymous said...

He's not sure if Jill is food or what. And then if she isn't, food, does she have food she'll give to me. And if all else fails, do she know where we can get some food?
I got a grant from the goverment to test this thesis and after years of testing I have found it to be 100% true!
Mr. Knowitall