Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Thursday May 1 2008
Above, see him interacting
with a customer---he is about to
get closer to her so she can pet him

In his new home away from his

family and doing the big Cat Shows,

it was wonderful to see Cydonia in the

salon today, as he was happy to see all

the customers and was

being on the playful side. He has to be a

good boy to be able to be a visitor

at Evergreen Health Care

where the patients will

be delighted with him


Anonymous said...

It is so nice seeing him enjoying that customer!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cat, he must be a delight to the customers and the patients at Evergreen.scus

Anonymous said...

Kitty is saying, "They come in looking like this and Ellie is suppose to do what?" My master is a miracle worker.