Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sleepy Time Gal


Nancy goes for forty winks after

lunch at Soup to Nuts in Sturbridge

Mass. mill complex. Since Wright's

Mill is closing there, people are

shopping the sales---boy, will that

place be missed. I picked up what

I could use in mixed media projects.

The day was fortunately sunny and

clear as a bell. The company

was sparkling and it felt good

to go out after the "back out" siege

just experienced.


Anonymous said...

I hope she didn't make an asp of herself.

scus said...

I do recognize Nancy,the one on the right, oh, I mean left. :) Glad you both had a fun day, isn't it great to spend time with a friend!!!

Anonymous said...

BIG chuckle on the "asp" bit!

Anonymous said...

Scus--you have to have coffee on one of your dump runs---

Anonymous said...

Maybe tomorrow, will check with you in the morning!!!