Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Friday April 4th 2008

Come early for good seats!

This was a day when the colors were

extremely crisp---the tree looked like

white chalk and the benches above, altho

empty now, are just waiting for the

show to begin with the returning

geese. Far across the pond could be

spied a 'couple' swimming over near

where they seem to have their

new families in seclusion .


scus said...

Two beautiful photo's, don't we live in a picturess town? Such a pretty day, but still looks cold out there.

Anonymous said...

Now where have I seen this before... I had this kind of light a few weeks age and just when nuts
taking pixs at the park with rose & rita and took a picture of every thing that was within 10' of me.
As scus said "still looks cold out there".