Sunday, April 20, 2008


Above is the shot I was working with

This is a close up of a hanging glass

garden ball---what I have created with

the close up, was done in Paint Shop Pro 7.

I happen to like it for the swirly ocean

colors with tide washed kelp. To just

frame this enlarged, I'd like, but then I'd

need that huge studio on the coast to

display in in the gallery for patrons :-)--- I will

probably use it for as a background in some

altered book project.


Anonymous said...

"Dang, if that ain't purty !"
Lil Abner

Anonymous said...

First photo is very pretty, second blown up one looks a bit scary!!!scus

Anonymous said...

the close up was a success when it brought out some emotion, even if it scared you... :-)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing background that will make. Your photography just blows me away.