Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Stafford Springs shots

Wednesday April 23rd 2008
The original Spring's House where
quests from the old hotel would
come to take a dip in the healing
mineral water--old photos in the
Historical Society show such goings on.
Today it still sits between the old Library
(now the Historical Society building) and
a church on Spring St.

I guess I will put some 'around town' photos
on this year long Blog Book---here are some Maine
Street stores ( January 2007) with the houses
above them--I painted
a similar view so long ago
and sold it at the town hall
exhibit to Florence Pollens.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen the MIneral Springs look so good....is this altered art?
Main Street ...what can I say.

Anonymous said...

The Mineral Springs does look good!!! It is because the Historical Society tends to the business of appreciating what we have. I will also give credit to the Town of Stafford for the up-keep, it does look great, despite the vandals!!!

Anonymous said...

The photo is a digital one and is opened and saved on my computer. Being digital I may lighten a too dark photo,then change a too dull color for it to look as I saw it. I loved the light by the well house but it was impossible to get the perfect shot due to type of camera and lens etc. This is what digital is about.You can take a shot under unfavorable conditions, knowing you can edit on your site.One can not judge digital and old timey photography the same. I LOVE how creative
the digital is and they sure did alot of darkroom "magic" in the olden days that was not divulged (when I first got all excitied over photography)---I can not fathom vandals as anything but a blight on society and even themselves... if they could realize it. EJM