Friday, March 21, 2008

A Touch of Red

Saturday March 22 2008
This is the first time in all these years when
I pulled the car over to take a photo of the Hollow
Pond, that a person was there to be part of the
scene--the traffic got busy so the shots I
took depended on if a car was comming
or not. In this really cold wet Spring time
you can still see the second red barn ( I like to get
that touch of red in the scene a lot) that will
be hidden by trees later--I feel fortunte
to live near this place as it presents itself,
in my mind as one of
Mother Nature's paintings of
a New England rural pond
that is one of the best. Too bad it
won't be there forever---like
the way of all things---


quilter pal said...

I, too, always like this scene. It is soooo New England...hills, red barns, cows. Unfortunately not many scene like this left so we must enjoy it while we can.

This sure beats a palm tree and an alligator...ich! Who needs Florida. We have four changes of season not the same old boring one!

Anonymous said...

I always like photo of the hollow
pond. Never get tired of that red
barn. Looks cold there ... it's warm here.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite places that we painted in class,and always loved the four seasons. Great Spring photo, even looks cold.

scus said...

Anonymous was really me, clicked the wrong box.!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad I hauled myself in here---love getting these comments ! Jilly

Anonymous said...

I always remind myself what a beautiful area we live in!