Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Reclusive Ram

My first ram sighting was way back on the neighbor's
wall, where I thought he looked like
one great model for me

Then months later, out by the roadside,
I got another photo as I just happened to have the camera
in the car, then, he turned around and went back
over the stone wall never to be seen there again
by me. He could be in Timbucktoo by now, lolling
in an elaborate tent, nibbling on grapes amongst
his harem of goat beauties with no qualms about
going AWOL from me. Men !


scus said...

Love the first picture with the barn, looks like it belongs some place in Maine. Maybe the ram was just passing through on his way to greener pastures!!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks quite clean on this day.