Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Barrel Bird Bake

A poster composed on the
scanner for the Barrel Bird Bake Band
or the B&B's from southern Ireland.
Their latest CD, "Hedgerow"
is jumping off the charts and this is
all, entirely made up for today's blog.
I wanted to do something creative
and love to design things like this.


scus said...

Seems that crows are in fashion!!! They seem to decorate a number of household items. Saw a few giant ones on the side of the road today. Great picture!!!

Anonymous said...

The background is the baked earth in the parking lot accross from The Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland---the full size barrels are in an Irish alley way----the Erin black bird has been cut out bigger than life size for sure.

scus said...

Great way of sharing a bit of Ireland with everyone, it all come together very well.