Thursday, March 13, 2008

Red Heads

Discovered in Vermont, waiting to warm
up the cabin---they just looked so
jaunty to me. Delights often are
small in size but big in impact.


scus said...

This certainly is an "eye catcher". Only you would think to take a picture of matches, but it is very "striking"!!!

Anonymous said...

your comment 'lit up' my day !

Sir Knowitall said...

Ok love this ... I think I'll do something like this this weekend.
Got to use different kind of matches tho... hum I see a theme

Anonymous said...

It'll take a weekend to take a photo? Get lit?

quilter pal said...

it never seize to amaze me, how you can find art in every aspect of life. Wow!!

By the way, I have some blue tip matches--punk heads?

Anonymous said...

The blue heads go well in a Vegas show !