Thursday, March 6, 2008

Coming Soon !

Coming very soon, to this very spot---
many violets will surround the base
of the birch clump on the front lawn
---today I saw some teeny weeny green
leaves that don't look violety---and
bits of moss brushed with the color
of Ireland---since the temperature was
up to 50 degrees I went out to
capture some promise of Spring---
this morsel of new growth gave me
hope! I don't think it exists anymore,
but there used to be a perfume
called Violettes, (I think)-----
a striking white haired woman used to walk
by my house wearing it and often
wore lavender colors too....
making her a Queen in my eyes.

1 comment:

scus said...

Pictures still has a Winter look, love to see it in a month when those violets are in bloom.