Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Using Force

Since Mary/Martha was such a help
and gathered the Forsythia branches
for me, I have them in water, with the stems
crushed. They are in the living room which
is not sunny but will get some light, so
we'll see if they force bloom for
a Spring in the house joyfest.
I have one small branch in a kitchen window
and I rather think that might
bloom better.


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Gosh you have such good friends and nieghbors....

quilter pal said...

I know Spring is on the way. My snowman, no longer able to stand up tall and frozen, surrendered its body to mild weather.

Amber said...

Oh where in the world did you get that awesome state, oh yeah I got it for you, it looks awesome!!!! You take awesome pictures.

Anonymous said...

I recall Amber said when she saw the Candle Holder (Michael Angelo Collection) that it SCREAMED "Nana!"

Livvy said...

Good for people to know.