Sunday, March 2, 2008

Soon after arriving at the party, someone was pressing something on my back which puzzled me, till I turned to ask what was this all about and then knew it was a game to play---goodie, I LOVE games. We all had to guess who we were by asking questions throughout the evening. I got it down to: I was a now deceased blond actress, that might sing occasionally, and was notorious. Of course, you see the photo so it's no biggie to have the answer right off. I did guess it by then, too and could hear her saying, "Why don'tcha come on up and see me sometime"--- but could I come up with the actual name? No way....time passed and a friend finally took pity on me and remarked she may have come from the West---so then I got to thinking of Dale Evans and how she wasn't a blond---and Annie Oakley wasn't either---so, it took Anne repeating it to me to "get" the clue and then the name came it came "tumbling" out.....which is what often happens, with my name being Jill.


scus said...

Sounds like you had fun!!!~!
Could it be Mae West???

quilter pal said...

Lucky thing I read the comments under the photo. I thought it was your high school informal photo at first glance.

Anonymous said...

I didn't smoke in high school---but otherwise I guess I could glamour up a year later for this photo !