Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Pitcher of Vermont

Actually, this is on a hilly, back road
in Chester, Vt. and I thought at the
time, how wondrous this spot would
look in the Winter. Since I am doing
the blog for a full year, to leave as a
legacy for my family, I am
posting photos I love
and this is one of them.
Project hint:
1. Make print of the
pitcher any size you want.
2. Cut out carefully...
3. Write message on back
4. Laminate (I take to
Staples, as they do it
heavy duty) several at once.
You might as well fill the
whole laminating sheet with
whatever you want.
5. Cut out, leaving edge to
have good seal.
6. Punch hole.
7. Add key chain or ribbon
for attachment to gift or
key use.


Amber said...

This looks so amazing!

Anonymous said...

hey, you're out there !! Happy to hear from such a favorite dear sweet person ! NoKnee

quilter pal said...

I, too, love this picture - pitcher. I thought it would make a great art quilt...but I haven't done anything about it...yet. Perhaps the key chain is the way to go. At least I would accomplish something.

scus said...

Like "Alice" looking through the looking glass!!!!

summie said...

well I've got to go out and copy this....altho I don't know if I
could improve on it. But it looks great and I wish I took.