Sunday, March 2, 2008

Creative Paths Party

Last night at a Creative Minds Gala in a

lovely old Broadbrook home, a gathering

of 18 people with varied lives,

interests ......each with their own special take

on whatever part of the creative

journey their lives are on. With my fluttering

mind and three glasses of wine, its a wonder

I can recall my own name. let alone theirs.

Also a marvel is, that any photo I took was worth

posting. I chose this one because you are

seeing two excellent writers---

one is Russian and a skater and the other

you may read her work frequently.


Summie said...

Killer photo tho ... both people are looking good and the color is eye catching.

Jilly said...

Summie is my brother, and can read my photo mind as he is a pro with the camera--he sees just what I saw---so in my creative life, he has been a major big help and I love him to pieces.!

Anonymous said...

Jill, thanks for being so prompt with your blog.. what a nice photo!!!
a special thanks to Nancy for bringing such a wonderful and creative group of women together.
I truly enjoyed the company,the food and the art work.
thank you all for including me!!
Michele Muska