Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dried Leaf Browns

Wednesday March 19 2008
Below is a shot of leaves
near my front porch I took
for it's value as background
interest in some project----I like
the looks of them, too as they
have lots of texture and
shadowed depth.
You can see below, how the background
leaves worked for a new sketch book
cover hiding the old stamp ink blotches
it had accumulated. I should do
some fresh sketches soon as I have
been lax in that department

Wednesday March 19 200


quilter pal said...

Unlike the leaves, your artist thoughts never dry up. Good use of the old memories of sunnier times.

Anonymous said...

It is true, I feel an affinity towards the cover now with those leaves being like snowflakes and one of a kind---Some good tracker would see these and say, "No one has walked here, but heavy snow has fallen and pressed them to the earth--soon the winds will carry them to the fields where they will rest to complete their cycle."---EJM

scus said...

Enjoy seeing your photos of things I certainly would take for granted and rake away as unwanted. Your creative mind is always at work!!! Thanks for sharing that creativity. :)

Anonymous said...

There's a big science name for poeple like us ... we see something
to paint or take a photo of it just
about everything. I love to be someplace and tell myself to find
a photo from where I'm standing.
The dry leaves xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

proof read and then send.

"...take a photo of, in just about