Friday, March 7, 2008


I sure never saw anything blossom
so fast ! ( and still haven't.) This is
last year's crop and such a favorite
of mine to look at and think of my
mother, Mary and her mother, Letitia.
Listen to them:
Letitia: "May-ree, go out side
n' pick a bunch of those sweet violets
for the center of this angel cake for
Aunt Cora. She's coming up from
the island for a visit"
----then in later years,
Mary: "Jill, go out and see
if there's any violets for Nana's
place at the supper table."
and now
Jill: "Kimberly, don't drive
over the violets with the mower !"


scus said...

Oh, I love it, the violets are so beautiful !!! Guess Spring is here, cause they grew really fast. Think this picture is the best one yet, just so, so, beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I can hear you saying that Jill, I had to laugh. What a nice thought though.