Friday, February 1, 2008

Hardwicke Rawnsley

Friday Feb 1 2008

I think you'll appreciate Hardwicke Rawnsley's words written for the opening of Amitte Library in 1912---he was the Vicar of Crosthwiate Church near the Lake district where Beatrice Potter first summered and then lived and worked---he also was a poet and journalist and B Potter donated much of her work to his Library---his death was life changing to her-----

I think of shells and people I admire when I read this:

As in some inland solitude a shell
Still gently whispers of its home,
the deep,
So from the world of being
beyond all sleep
Where those two happy sister spirits dwell,
This book-lined room, this simple student's cell
Shall, in the silence, pure memorial keep
Of those who sowed that others might reap
Their wisdom was from wood and lake and fell.
And as we gather up their gentle lore,
Made rich by jewels from their treasury,
The whispers grow, "Behold! these souls had power
Because with patient heart and loving eye
They learned that man and beast and flower
Were in God's purpose friends for evermore."


scus said...

Loved this one, although the snake is not my favorite "crawling" thing. Wish I had to ability to put thoughts into words as the poets and authors do.
Have a great weekend at the show. :)

Anonymous said...

I can say for sure, that I will never be in another of these art exhibits in Stafford. Like the grapes, they leave a sour taste in my mouth.