Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Package of Collage goodies

Still Tuesday Feb 12th
A fun package of what the sender called

"junk" was a delight to open and see all the

things from many colors of seed beads, jewerly

discards for various reasons, gold chains,

watch straps other sundry items---

Thank You very much to

Marilyn in Taunton, Mass!


scus said...

Isn't it great to have a friend from Taunton, just bet she will be very pleased to see what you have done with her cast offs!!! Great color, love it, as usual.

Jilly said...

I sorted everything and really enjoy doing it---getting all the seed beads in little plastic zip locks---something about that I like. Maybe I should get a job on an assembly line doing this????

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jill! Happy Valentines's Day! I am finally figuring out how to respond! You did an awsome job with junk!....I can just imagine what you would do at the Nantucket Dump....free pickings!

Anonymous said...

This assemblage made me think of "stars at night"