Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tolland Trackside

Thursday Jan 31 2008
My back is much better, but I have
one last chiropractor visit today.
Delivery of my art work to the Portraits Of Stafford
art show this weekend will be done by Kim this afternoon.
When it gets to be the actual time of a show or meeting I often
don't want to go and have to talk myself into it or cancel.
It all stems from being an ultra sensitive type----
failure or disappointment, which we all must plow through,
rolls me under and then it takes a spell
for me to bloom again.

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scus said...

Like this painting, have not seen it before. You will do very well at the Art Show. I will go Sunday to enjoy your accomplishments. Have another friend who is also displaying her talents. I was sent the info. on it, but just did not have the time, with all the family stuff going on. Good Luck!!! :)