Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thank you !

Sunday Feb 3rd 2008

At the art exhibit yesterday I was surprised
with some very cheerful flowers from
Gail and John Kapinos-----I took photos
this am and then couldn't resist
playing around and liked this magical look.
Flowers really are welcome this
time of year when they are beneath
the fallen snow in many places---
I'm not a gardener but appreciate
them and bet some are pouring
through the seed catalogs now
---with dreams and plans for this Spring.


scus said...

How very nice of Mr & Mrs K., the flowers are very beautiful and what a special friend to think of you. Love the colors!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the art show. Of course, your pieces were great. i thought the show was better this year because of the location and lighting. Nice to know we have so many talented people in Stafford.

winna said...

I'm thinking that "anonymous" might know a certain Fred.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. Some how quilter pal is black-balled from commenting on your blog!