Friday, February 8, 2008


Friday Feb 8 2008

I see the day is slipping by and I have not blogged yet.
While looking at Maine photos I came across this
scarecrow in Durham Maine and it became
my pick. It is interesting to note that Steven King
lived in Durham in his teen years and used to hitch
to Auburn/Lewiston area, where I lived, to see the
latest horror flick playing. If you ever drive
the road to Durham from Auburn you will feel the
darkness thicken as you pass cemeteries and dense
piney woods with their beckoning boughs.


scus said...

My first glance at the Scare Crow, my thought was very scary, now I know why, probably a friend of Steven King created it!!!! I also like the background of the picture, though it looks scary too!!! A change of pace photo for this time of year. Great!!!

Anonymous said...

a lot of places in that small town looked like perfect material for an intelligent creative mind to hone his skills...I'll have to show the house he lived in with his mother and Aunt (so I was told),---once again your remarks encourage me. Winna

scus said...

Because I miss time for myself with our "family painting class" I find it heart warming to visit my friend through her blog!!!! :)