Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crow in Shirt Sleeves

Saturday Feb 23 2008
The email that was sent around with the eagle
attacking the fox and winning the match, had
some birds for an audience by the bony carcass
they were squabbling over. Didn't look like
much was left to eat for the Eagle when he was
finished with the fox, that I bet he wished he never
decided to check out what those birds were
hunched over---well, the above photo is the
only shot I got of a Magpie in Listowel Ireland
flying off from the bushes as I probably scared him.
You can't see his white shirt in the front and the
window I was behind was decorated with the
family dog's nose rubbings. I sure have not
ever seen one in New England--they are wicked


scus said...

The bird with the eagle does look like a magpie. looked it up on google. Your magpie in the photo looks blue, but is probably only from the background. Sure is a beautiful picture with all the green, for sure it looks like Ireland. Would love to see it some day. Waiting for Spring!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Probably the sun glare took an irridescence glimmer.