Monday, February 4, 2008


Monday Feb 4 2008
"Light's Canvas"

Soft Focus on a Presence

Near closing time, the shadows on the walls

were exhibiting their own works

The Portraits of Stafford Art show is over and it is said that is was the most succesful show they have had. The photos I am showing were taken at the end of the show which was so expertly taken down in one tenth time it took to put it up.


Maine Artist said...

....I love both of the interiors you shot at the portrait show. The one with the easel is absolutely 15th century Flemish flavored.....very nice.

Anonymous said...

The exhibit was very nicely done. Professional. Good variety of mediums. Good range of skills. I liked the picture [photo? painting?] of the chicken coop. I'm pretty sure it was a photo that looked like a water color. How did you feel about having your work split up? I'm divided on that. On one hand, I think it would have been lovely to see all your pieces together.

Anonymous said...

I think the art show was successful and hopefully inspiring. There was more advertisement for it, thus more attendance. With the increased number of people attending I'm sure others will be interested in submitting their work. I liked having the art work split up; it made you look at the artist's name more. I liked the encrusted crazy quilt block. This will let other textile artists feel like they too can submit work.

scus said...

I enjoyed the art show very much. I like your last picture in the blog with shadows on the wall and windows.

winna said...

I'm think Scus, whoever that is, gets the prestigious January Winna Award for Faithful Frequency Perceptiveness...Congratultions Scus !

scus said...

Thank you very much, I am blushing!!!:)