Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sing it Maurice !

Tuesday Feb 26th 2008
The day is has turned dark out and
the house is quiet. An old Seinfeld
show is on with the audience laughing.
I feel I must put something on my
Blog each day for some reason or
other to do with sticking to things.
I love this photo from the recent
art show in the old town hall---what is
up above the big meeting room
is a mystery to me but I can almost
hear the French accent, and words,
"I'll build a stairway to paradise...
with a new step every day...I'm gonna
get there at any price---step aside
I'm on my way---" and then the
music fades ........

1 comment:

scus said...

Knew where that picture was right away!!! Nothing great up there, just where people pay their sewer taxes!! Certainly is a nice picture, looks much better in the photo!!!