Monday, February 25, 2008

Spider Conch by Tide Edge

above see actural tide edge on York Beach
in Maine
(clicking on any of these photos makes them larger)

Monday Feb 25 2008
I am done with the sumptuous surface sewing----I have never done so much texture on a surface before and felt being a widow, with no meals to prepare, helped me obsess on working on this piece so much the past few days. Now I will go through the process of making it a postcard to learn how that goes with the helpful sites Sharon mentioned. I'm thinking I could make a pillow usuing an exsisting one (that sounds like a plan to me) that I will collage things on---one being the postcard--and then other sea themed items I round up will make it worth a king's ransom!


paulahewitt said...

This is beautiful - Im glad you directed us here from sumptuous surfaces! The colours reflect the tide line beautifully!

mountainsaltstudio said...

This is wonderful - I especially love the way you capture the water.


Jilly said...

You can't imagine how much your comments mean to me---they recharge my batteries etc.

scus said...

Looks like a "Sea of Emeralds" just beautiful!!!
You have put a lot of work into your postcard. You seem to thrive on creating beauty. :)
Busy day for me, nothing accomplished for myself, as usual!!!

Gail said...

The detail in the textural elements is just amazing. Now I'm wondering what will happen with the conch shell. Will it be sufficient to remain as is surrounded by all that beauty?

quilter pal said...

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea. The foamy water's edge is captured in the your stitches. Too nice to make into a postcard...unless you are keeping it for yourself or me.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of it being on the top flap on a black bag I have---it will blend in nicely where I sew it on---unless I change my mind again that's the plan.