Sunday, February 17, 2008


Sunday Feb 17 2008
Above, see "stash" (some things
have been around for long time)
that may be used in a piece to
compliment my living room colors I
posted a few days ago.
I have orderded some deeper
blues and the right background material
and now I have to like the design
very much and I don't yet----
I keep thinking of different
things that have good outline
shapes---maybe today
I will come up with just the ticket.


scus said...

I like the deep blue beads. Blues are one of my favorite colors. You will come up something great, I am sure!!!

Jilly said...

Those are really nice glass beads I got for a song----I'm think of going with a Spider Conch shell I have, as the design focus. Learning how to use textures with various things seems a helpful thing to know about when decorating etc.---I never used my paint as a texture to speal of---so it's quite different to do.