Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sumptuous Surface

Tuesday Feb 12 200This is the first post card size Sumptuous Surface

I finished while taking an online class with

Sharon Boggor from Australia. We were

to have a silhouette of whatever

we wanted as the theme. I picked a

white finger star shell.

The top background stitches represent

under sea flora and

doing it in 3 layers in differnt subtle

colors gives the texture

this assignment is all about.

We were to not use much color

and stay monotone

as much as posssible to see,

in the final result how

texture done in various ways,

is used in fabric art.

On the bottom are are varied stitches, such as

wagon wheels, Colonial and French knots,

satin stitch, phuff and others---plus embellishments

including some great white turquoise,

abalone, tiny shells, buttons and beads. If I

had started using a white background

I would not have filled the

sea star, but it's slender shape became

lost till I outlined it in the darkest shade I dare

use and then filled it with

glass beads to represent how the sea is so often

shimmering This concept is so different

then doing a painted design to me, that

it does stretch my outlook and also

being involved helps bring more understanding

and appreciation of the fiber arts.


Anonymous said...

I am mighty impressed with all the work that went in to this "postcard". WOW!! I like the monochromatic look; very luxurious.

Jilly said...

Thanks, Anon, I have decided this needs just a dite more in one area to make it work upsidedown and also sideways---

scus said...

I also am impressed with your postcard. it is beautiful. Just can't believe all the new projects you have undertaken, puts me to shame!!!! Keep up the wonderful works of art.

Pat said...

I love this, Jill - the textures are wonderful to look at; everytime I look at it I see something I had not noticed before. I've never posted to a blog before so we'll see if I can get this through : )

Anonymous said...

This is exquisite! I love the monochromatic scheme...so suited to the subject matter. You have "captured" the star fish theme. I can almost feel the sand and smell the ocean.

Jilly said...

Pat who? PLease clue me in.....

Pat said...

"Pat who?" is Pat Morris - that animal artist - I last saw you on Sunday last week, gathering our paintings at the Town Hall. Pat is such a common name, I should have specified it to you, sorry!

Jilly said...

Well, I saw Pat Soucy there, too---but just didn't sound like him---then I have neice I don't think would appreciate it and there's you who was so kind to comment---Thanks!