Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ireland Memories page

I 'm pretty sure I could fill a journal with just Ireland
memories---here are some Gorse flowers that grow
everywhere in Ireland, a pitcher I loved coming upon,
castle yard hardware and Hennessey the Flavin family dog
where I stayed for a week in Listowel, County Kerry.
My ex students may be
interested to know I look at one
of my photos on the computer
and draw by eye for all this stuff--
or sometimes by eye from the actual object.
doing it everyday has brought back my sketching
times which I had missed---I always thought
it was ideal to just draw--I remember thinking
James C Christensen's sketch books were the
most interesting things he did even
when I'd see his great paintings
on the walls--it was the sketches that
enthralled me....
but that's just me being me


Anonymous said...

I just loved seeing your journal and all of your amazing work! You are a VERY interesting person!

Anonymous said...

Seeing your journals sketches are a way for the rest of us to peek into the World of Winna. It's like looking at little secret thoughts and feelings through the art. It is different than a photograph because it is more reading someone's diary.

Anonymous said...

I just love this sketch., I am sure James Christensen would love it too, maybe not his wife though!!:) Keep up the great work.