Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Bounty

This spread is done in my favorite small
Moleskine 3 1/2" by 51/2" size....I don't
like usuing any other kind of paper
as this seems to take alot of abuse
and the watercolor pencils work well
on it. Everytime I do a journal sketch
I never know exactly what I will do
---but just keep plugging away till I like it.
Last week, as I drove to the grocery
store, their massive display of pumpkins
caught my eye, because it just seemed
like way too many and nobody was
around them--this spread shows just
some---the girl in the now popular
tight low rider jeans I had photo'd
earlier in the week down there,
so I thought she'd
fill the space with interest...
..and, why not add some black crows
I like to use alot and the memo on
making pumpkin Woopie Pies
this year--let's hope they turn out
right---I will make the cakes
tomorrow to try to be ahead of the game.
Don't forget to left click on the photo
to see it larger.


Borromini Bear said...

Hi Jill,

I LOVE this page - what wonderful drawing and colours.
also, I must say that I am REALLY enjoying looking at your blog in recent weeks... all great stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hey didn't you recognize me in my low cut jeans, bet you were a little jealous. haha I really enjoy your pumpkin art., great for this time of the year., crows make it even more special!!

Momma Ninja said...

I just love your art. It feels warm and comforting. Beautiful!

mia said...

Great pages! Really great drawings! Line and colors=great!

kazumiwannabe said...

Love this page - and your blog, very cool!

Anonymous said...

Nice journal page. I must admit the pumpkin whoopie pies have peaked my interest. I guess I will have to come to your house trick-or-treating. My costume...a teenage girl in low rider jeans, a tank top that reveals my pierced belly button, and hair of assort freakish on the look out for me.

Margaret Ann said...

A beautiful spread...loose yet organized...wonderful warm autumn color...Well done! :)

Christie said...

You have a wonderful blog, and I love this page; very Halloweeny!

freebird said...

Okay, I'll bite. What the heck are whoopie pies? You've made a great page here. I like how you fill them up. You make really nice compostions out of something.

Anonymous said...

Woopie Pies are usually chocolate cakey rounds , piled high with fluffy white filling inbetween. They are a New England heritage type splurge of calories...I allow myself one a year...think of Devil Dogs that aren't dry---with each locale thinking they make the best ones! EJM

Sandy said...

Oh I love wicked good whoopies but Maple is my Fav - and yet another great sketch, so you use the moleskine sketchbooks not their WC books, I like the sketch books but the paper is so buff, I want White! Love your pages!