Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Like a Postcard View

Some photos it seems look fake when they are not--
the buildings here look painted to me when I see
the photo in it's large size. Taken to day
out of the window in Sean's room
at Hartford Hospital. He remains in a coma
while everything heals is the hope.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad to see a really beautiful world when there are those who are suffering. I continue to pray for your grandson.

Anonymous said...

I think the seeing such beauty in the world is excellent treatmemt for us because all life is just full of ups and downs for everybody out there----and to have something to enjoy during these times is a blessing and then we are in better shape to be helpful when needed. Kim's neice,Ashley made Sean a handsome prayer quilt---the first quilt she'd ever made in shades of reds. as a person holds the quilt and says a prayer at a block, they then tie that block off for the prayer to be now part of the quilt--it seems like such a meaningful thing to do....EJM

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing for Kim's neice to do!!! Just maybe with all the prayers Sean will wake up soon!!

Sandy said...

I have been strolling down your "lane" through this fabulous journal - Truly Amazingly charming work! I live in CT with roots in Maine through my DH - Sure hope whatever this hospitalization is about is over and All Good!!!!!