Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Bill's On The Way ! "

"Bill's On The Way"
This spread commemorates such good times
when the family would have the Lobster
meal driven fresh from Maine by
Uncle Bill Stevens. I forgot to mention
in the newsy note on the left page,
that Bill always brought Kate's Homemade
Butter and I would make Butternut
squash, seasoned with Brown Sugar.
I have thousands of photos I've taken,
to use or have the objects right in front
of me or find somehow what I need---
in this stage, there are lots of
"Aha!, just the perfect thing I need"
Then I start to plan the page with
the first object as the main focus and
then things get added to design the
space well...I use pencil first with eraser
kept busy, and then the Pitt pens--then
watercolor pencils, usually. And I am never
sure what will be next--the time on the
watch was not readable in the old
photo, so I made it 8:20 am,
the time when I was born, for personal
celebration of that moment that must
have been looked forward to---I put
the yellow flat elastics that hold the lobster
claws in the front and that lead to adding
Yellow in a couple other places for balance
of that color. I did add the red fireball
on top of the bread, as I felt it needed
a red spot there--now that was not
preplanned.....that's how it goes.......E J Mordasky


Christie said...

Your art is fabulous, and it's great to read about how you approach the page. You rock, Winna!

Lisa Reed said...

This is perfectly charming. I love the style and the desriptions.

Waiting... said...

WONDERFUL!! It inspires me--thank you!

E-J said...

Your art is varied and impressive. Great journal spread!

BMoon said...

Gorgeous page......colorful, meaningful, full of story!

Anonymous said...

What can I say that hasn't been said before...good job on voyage into Winna's World!

Anonymous said...

Just like being back in class, just a wonderful description of your art work. Makes me miss the great Thursday classes and friends!!

Ricardo Sérgio said...

This is great. So good.

linda said...

Good morning, Winna :) I love your art and wanted to come by to thank you for visiting my blog and joining my lovely readers list. I was looking for your "follow" list but I don't see it. Do you have one?

The lobster looks too much like a spider to me....EEK!

Margaret Ann said...

A jubilant post...both in art and in word...wonderfully done! :)