Monday, October 20, 2008

"Casy Would Waltz With The Strawberry Blond"

If you left click you can read the words
much better. The Strawberry photo
I took, got this spread started in my journal
Then Ireland entered the scene with an old
Abby ruin, Pub sign, Shamrock, Pub award, waltzers,
and musical instruments. I guess I would use
a blue background any time I can--love it---could be
sky or sea. The remaining words in the
old time song are: "He'd neer leave the girl
with the strawberry curl,
and the band played on."


Christie said...

Love this page, and can't get enough of your lovely acrylic paintings. This blog is a visual treat!

kazumiwannabe said...

Awesome composition! It's fun and greatly done and the strawberry looks too good!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled with these comments and thank you so much ! EJM

Anonymous said...

You seem to have the knack of pulling it all together!!! Just love the way the song and pictures all work to tell the a story.

freebird said...

This looks really nice. I love the big strawberry dominating the page.

Starr said...

Your blog is amazing! Love this spread and the rest of your work. Visually appetizing.

sharon said...

i like your style! that strawberry is jumping off the page.

BMoon said...

First time at your blog......wowzer and wonderful is what I say!

Lovely journal pages....wish i could click on your paintings on the side, I'll try to figure that out.

Fab photos, too!

Margaret Ann said...

Beautiful spread! :)

trish said...

I love the composition in your journal. The colors and size of your objects. I want to see everything you put in it.