Monday, October 13, 2008

I spy a break out !

Driving through pumpkin patch country
over by Broad Brook yesterday--I must
have seen thousands of them---and you
just know they won't all make it to the
big night, or just how many, will the
evil stinking monsters smash..
I guess you can tell, someone stole
my electric pumpkin one year and
I never put another one out....I didn't
plan on taking any photos, but will be
uploading a few more I like..soon...
I have no doubts this particular
pumpkin was trying to leave the patch to
be in some special display or pie---


Anonymous said...

This pumpkin isn't afraid of the "dead zone". He's got the whole Verizon network behind him.

Anonymous said...

who is the clever commenter? Why don't you write a book, play or movie? It would make you millions and then I could visit you in your seaside cottage, where you will have an unattached lovely studio for me to spend a month in...EJM

Anonymous said...

Twas the pumpkin that ran away be Thanksgiving Day!!!! First comment is great!!!!