Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dish Play

---I am becoming more aware of my
surroundings and what a difference
that makes in life--never really a
boring day with nothing to say for
me now. I did a page that had my
daughter in it--now, I have 4 sons
to go...Kurt was the 3rd born and
I love to hear him talk about
things--makes me laugh...
I left the right side with less
color as to me, it seemed it would
be on the busy side if I used the
watercolor pencils all over--some
of you MUST recall
You're In The Army Now song
--- that kept going through my
head while doing the spread...
maybe it was suggesting I do
a spread on my husband's Army
experience that was humerous
--I'll think it over.


Anonymous said...

Great that you are including your children in your Journal. Hope they are proud of their Mom, as much you are are of them.

Anonymous said...

I liked the song...made me smile. That's what life and journaling is all about...capturing a moment.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get a dishwasher?

freebird said...

I found your blog through the "link" you provided on EDM! That's the way most people do the posting of their challenges. So hi, I'll know where to go to see your art now. I get a choice of 3 places. Some people prefer just the photos. I like some others, prefer the blogs where you might get to know the person behind the art a bit better.

Anonymous said...

I managed to get a dish washer by pointing out that if somebody had a cold it wouldn't spread to all as a dishwasher sterilizes better than by, the buy was sanctioned--and it DID help prevent coughing and stuffy noses etc. Then when it broke down I didn't repalce it as some had flown the coop and I thought it could once again handle the task easily---but I wish I still had one, now, because I'd rather blog and journal than wash dishes... EJM

Simon said...

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