Monday, October 6, 2008

Jill's Auburn Maine

A new journal page with memories old and new from
my home town of Auburn Maine. The great Victorian
house we lived in once has it's copula represented here
which as a child I barely noticed, my Mother's
watchful, caring eye, my junior high school, a
newer old looking street light, Halloween was
such big and fun and exciting, the church here was where
I went to crafts classes and sang, Carry Away A Song
as we left each day--I'd be clutching my beads made out
magazine roll ups. ELHS stands for Edward Little
High School and to the left is Squire Edward Little himself
who I knew only as a silent statue watcher
on the school lawn ...there's my father with his
tipped back hat, a Balloon for the Fest they
have each year, some mountain ash tree berries
which were so prevalent on the streets,
a 1940s style shoe for Auburn
was once known as Shoe City with several factories'
my brother was in the top right corner but had
a slight complaint about it so that's how the
while starry sky came about, my sister's straight A's
report card I had no way to better, My mother's crypt
door where she was kept till warmer weather for
burial---they made sure she stayed there with
all that twisted rusty chain...
Crows I have always loved
to see and hear and Sumner will no doubt
have his own page in my journal
as the brother I dearly love.


Anonymous said...

wow this looks "alive"

Anonymous said...

What a great memory you have to recall all of these details!

Anonymous said...

While the journal page was extremely well done, the writing brings the viewer into Winna's World. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Isn't great to take a step back in time when things were a bit more care free. when our parents were taking care of us. I remember Halloween in our neighborhood when my brother and his friends tipped over the neighbors out house. Your Journal is just so very wonderful!!!

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