Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Moment of Eyecatchers Collected

In my kitchen just now with camera in hand
I wonder what I will see to photo--what will
catch my eye and here are three of them
moments like these are the seeds of future
works perhaps or may have been meant
to be this day's offering in my blogspot.
This tea pot has been in some of my work and
this morning with its hat tipped and the
early morning light--- it screamed
"take me take me" to my camera.

Below is the round ball of elastics I bought for
a whole $ at Michaels as the really big ones
were what I was getting lately as I reached inside
the catchall draw for an elastic--good investment I say.
The pig is an indicator on top of my
Mr Coffee---his position tells me from across
the kitchen if I need to make coffee or
maybe it is brewing already. I bought
in in a hardware store by the cash
register as his full details amazed me


Anonymous said...

It amazes how you can find art all around your kitchen. All I see in my kitchen is a sink of dirty dishes, spots on the floor, and scissors that haven't been put away. Either I need to look more or the art fairy needs to put out some good things for my eyes.

Dan Kent said...

These are stunning photos! I love the composition and the colors and the clarity. Here is how I know that I like the photos - I want to paint each and every one!