Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cat Of Cowries

One of a series I painted of cats in fanciful
outfits--I only finished this one and as no
one who looked at it said they liked it I figured
a series would go nowhere and I wanted it to
---so I let other's opinions cloud this series
efforts and no matter how much I know it
is not supposed to matter, it often
does and that's just me being
ultra sensitive, I believe. .....not
able to take the slings and arrows
tossed on my life stage.
at the same time it presents me with
very deep feelings for all my senses
and this brings great joy...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you started your painting class again some of your favorite students would be glad to paint with you and boost your self worth...I love all your cats and other whimsical paintings...I just ran out of time with you...and other teachers just can't compare. Once you paint with the best, it's thumbs down on the rest!

Dan Kent said...

I know about a thousand "cat people" with big pocketbooks that would flip over a series like this. I think you just asked "dog people". I think it is beautiful (and I'm not even a cat person).

Anonymous said...

You took off the photo of the man on the ladder! Loved that shot, he was surprised wasn't he that you wanted his photo? All he wanted was to get that side painted and all you wanted was a shot of his shadow!! I agree with anonymous and I love your cat paintings. All of your "out of the box" paintings are great. The James Christensen influence can be seen in these fancies of animals, fabric and jewels. HE SAID you were good and was most impressed with your ideas!

Winna Jill said...

Ladder Guy is on the flickr site now....your comments bought smiles...and understandings, too. The more I look at the guy on the ladder I do not see he has any paintbrush--must have been checking the eave troughs (sp?) Winna Jill

Lesley Purcell said...

I agree with Dan - this cat painting is beautiful, lots of 'cat people' would purr with delight if they saw it!! Your paintings are I feel always technically fab, but I personally particularly love the quirkyness of your work, the fact you are not afraid to make thins slightly abstract or surreal. You do it really, really well!

scus said...

It looks like my Missy might have posed for this one. lol Made me smile, just a great painting and thanks for sharing!!!

Gail said...

This whimsical feline appears purrfectly content to pose with the inspired headress. I love the graphic element to the design in the background...Norman Ives connects with Christiansen to be spun into another dimension in a Winna design.

Lady Ann said...

Little Ms/Mr Kitty appears to be possibly of African origin. The gorgeous beaded headdress sends that message (to me) anyhow... quite possibly African royalty.

Lovely kitty would do very nicely in the home of a wealthy art collector who loves kitties. Your previous comments are correct on this point.