Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Altering Progression

( Left click on photos to see them larger )

This book belongs to Donna Sledzik, with the

theme of Halloween--

in the Inspiration Station group, books

are passed around each month so many will alter pages in

several books. I love Halloween images and looked

forward to doing Donna's .

The photos are all ones I took in Maine.

in Durham with the really scary

scarecrow where Steven King lived

in his teen years, to the center spread taken in

the window of Orphan Annie's in Auburn, Maine

where each year authentic vintage displays

look super and then there's the

what looks like a perfect crypt door for a

horror movie---but it's in Auburn, too.

Here's the book to be altered

The pages were covered and then folded

for unusual look

It DOES warn you not to look

in her eyes....

this would not be a good thing


Nancy said...

I love the whole concept of passing a book around and letting each artist add their own personal touch. Nice job on the book cover. I want one of my books to look like that. Jill, your page is outstanding as I would only expect from you.
Your imagination is always on overtime.
Nancy Masters

nanke's stuff said...

What a terrific subject for an altered book, and the choice of the book used couldn't be better. Your additions are wonderful - appropriately creepy! nancy

Sandy said...

Wow, what an ineresting project, so creative and - recycling at its best.

Debby said...

Can't wait to see it in person!

Anonymous said...

Tabitha and I are pleased that you have included us in your art.

scus said...

Enjoy looking at all your wonderful ideas.