Saturday, April 3, 2010


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Of course, this first Spring growth must've
been there last week, but just yesterday it caught
my breath to see it. The enhancement of the
photo was done in two different programs with
the goal being to show the moment of eye catch
delight I experienced.
I love to find the hidden faces
in the photo !


scus said...

Very beautiful, I can almost see a butterfly in the middle.

Anonymous said...

I love all the effects you got with the coloration. You are really working those programs. It almost looks like something from under the sea.
Nancy Masters

Anonymous said...

Really great work on the computer and color adaptation. It looks like something from under the sea.
Nancy Masters

Anonymous said...

I see a dinosaur sneaking up on the plant. Luckily a venomous frog is hidden in the center of the plant that will ward off any intruders...oops I have to go... time for my medication.

Merlin the Magician said...

there are about three skeletal deep socketed eyes skulls---one frog or snake head,and a couple seductress type females that I see for I've gone and frazzled my powers--Merlin

Anonymous said... took this pic when you were scuba diving

Pat said...

Your enhancement captured the delight of the moment of your breath-taking sight...I keep returning to look at it again....what a wonderful Easter posting.

Anonymous said...

What talent! Jill, I don't know how you do it! What a constant master of art. Ideas that are only floating in my head, you are able to execute. Such energy.
I almost saw a catcher's mask, but decided the delightful design was perfect in its simplicity.

Sandy said...

Wow winna this is striking, the depth of color is mesmorizing!

john.p said...

Love the colors you tweaked out of nature. It worked.

Anonymous said...

The greens and blues are gorgeoous. This could well be an undersea image. I can almost see the leaves swaying under the water.