Sunday, April 11, 2010

Liners, Flats. Rounds and Scrubs

I just finished a painting and in the end of the whole
creative process....
it's 'put away' time. This time I got off'
track (always some reason to)
with the brush containers,
when one fell over and scattered brushes
like leaves tossed in a whirlwind--they went
all over the place, including inside a
draw file,under a desk and hid in
dark places. So it became
time to choose new cups that won't tip as easily and
here you have the new group with the old brushes
from left to right, liners, flats, rounds and
then scrubs.....each painting demands
certain ones, that will be 'just right'. Each
cup has a story I can recall in a nano second.
They seem to be heavy setters and look good to me
as I glance up at that them--it's important to
feel a rightness in your creative enviroment--
as least that works for me.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you just finished a painting. Was it the truck that I love so much? I finally finished my Buick. Congratulations to both of us.
Nancy Masters

Winna said...

YES!!!!! Done as far as I'm concerned---good for you, too. I pick and choose what to keep or take out so I hope the final stroke says what I feel about the "Sitting Old Truck"...I saw it out back for many years..I can almost hear a wise old Indian telling someone to go left of 'sitting old truck"--my grandson and I found two basball hats on a road on different days--we then changed the name of the road for us, to be "Two Hat Road".


scus said...

I know how long it takes to arrange things, and how quickly it takes to mess it up, let alone dropping it all on the floor, which usually ends up in places that you would never think of. Looking forward to see the Truck painting !!!!

Anonymous said...


Dan Kent said...

Your recent work has been amazingly creative, but I've missed your paintings so I'm so glad you finished another! This, by the way, is a beautiful photo in itself and would make a great painting itself!

Winna said...

Sorry, I will not be posting the painting photo till the end of the gallery season next Fall---winna

nanke's stuff said...

You are soooo organized! I love seeing what you've been doing, and your new brush holders are really fun! nancy

Claire M said...

What a cool post! I can totally relate to wanting to have my things in special containers and enjoying memorable items such as coffee mugs from trips. I can really relate to this. Have fun on your next creative adventure.

Gail said...

I will add another to the comments missing your paintings. Good to know that your brushes are busy. This is a great photo giving us a glimpse into the artist's life. Who else would have so many whimsical options for brush holders, so many brushes, then the idea to photograph and share?

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Love the "Joe Camel" mug... and now I don't feel so guilty about all the brushes I have.. someone told me to store them flat (not sitting in a cup like this).. I don't remember why, and it seems most artists store their brushes like you do... so I may start doing this too... just need some cool mugs :-)

Winna said...


I think that storing brushes flat must be so paint does not dry in the ferrule area--I leave them flat while usuing them and resting them and then I do wash them out and let them dry (usualy)before putting in the cups...this has worked for 5 decades for me...