Monday, April 19, 2010

Pesto Perfection for One

This is a breakfast

sensation as far as I'm concerned

somewhere I saw mention of putting

fresh mint in homemade pesto sauce---I

think on a gluten free site--can't recall.

I have loved Pesto and eaten it all over

the USA even talking with a few chefs

about it that came to my table--it seems in

some chef schools there is a friendly

contest on who makes the best pesto etc.

One mentioned to me that he preferred walnuts

instead of pine nuts and that had been

what I was doing and thinking it was really not

apropos. Basicially this is whole wheat round

bread duo toasted with pesto and a lovely

fried egg sprinkled with peprika--it needs

no seasoningas for the pesto has it all.

I make pesto for one in a Black and Decker

(manly made, I think :-) Handy Chopper..

toss in some basil, mint, and parley in equal amounts

then add some sea salt, minced garlic, oil and walnuts the chopper for a treat! Make it to

your tastes and invite me to breakfast :-).

I am crazy about this dish !!


Anonymous said...

OHMY GOSH Winna, I love your work. Do you paint in watercolor?? I have very limited computer skills but you are inspiring me to try answering this blogwhatever. The cat paintings are wonderful as are your photographs. I am enchanted. susan pecora

Nancy said...

I have always used walnuts in my pesto instead of pine nuts. I also use 1/2 spinach and 1/2 basil with garlic, oil,& lemon. I mix really big batches of this and put it in ice cube trays and freeze it. When I want pesto I take a frozen cube out of a plastic bag and defrost it. This way I only make pesto a couple of times during the season. I love the idea of it with eggs. I think I'll try that soon. Thanks for the idea.
Nancy Masters

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few dogs that are jealous of that doggie ON the plate :)