Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Kitchen Prophet

(If you left click on the photo, you can see it larger)
A green bottle filled with Basil is the base of this altered bottle--
that is supposed have the theme "Kitchen"and in the process of
searching for items to use, it evolved into
The Kitchen Prophet.
The head is an old brass bedstead part, the vintage
peeler says Real A Peel---from my small collection
of kitchen items..the crown was cut from a
yogurt container, The Sculpey hands and heads I made
several years ago in a flurry of head makings for jewelry.
Then there's the beaded hair, old buttons, trim around the
neck and the spider HAD to be part of this
alteration as he advises the Prophet in
in matters of Epicurean feast preparations.
I find I would rather work on assemblages
that are wired, nailed and screwed together,
rather then depend on glues to keep it sturdy.
I can't stand to wait for it to dry before I can
continue and boy, do sticky fingers frustrate me.
Coming soon--exciting new things on this blog for
your enjoyment...videos---games etc.


scus said...

You seem to be able to come up with great creations with things you have in your kitchen!! Enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I told you that you would do something so creative that it wow everyone. I love the spider on the crown and the "real a peel".

Lady Ann said...

What are the little faces/heads to the left side? Interesting angle to the piece. Very cute and clever. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Good mind think alike. I loved the spider on the crown. Kind of sends a message about the love of cooking...deadly!

Very cool...I like!

winna said...

Lady Ann....
My thinking was.....

3 extra heads are better than just one and they were part of my Sculpey cache, so why not use them ?.....


Kimba said...

I am guessing this is a class you are in. Looks like a fun assignment. Even funner to see what all the others came up with. Just standing in the kitchen looking around to see what is available to "build" with. Very well done....Kimba

Anonymous said...

this has a totemic quality, truly animistic! This prophet is aware of more than recipes!....

Anonymous said...

This is such a COOL, piece! You should see it in person as I did - we are all working on our goodies but as usual Winna has us all beat!
See you soon.
Sue R

Jules said...

What a super thingy!!!! Your prophet is wonderful!

nanke's stuff said...

Fun, whimsical, well done, thoughtful, and of course, original and very creative. Thanks for sharing it with us! nancy