Saturday, April 11, 2009

What time is dinner?

see photo above, for the Easter dinner I will be
having...the St Edward's Island
mussels I steamed last night and
have flash frozen for some
later meal..I saved a few shells as
they add coastal ambiance to any sea
food surprised me that
I hadn't noticed the shells resemble
hearts when opened---it'll include
the Alaskan King crab meat, I just
shelled, (using some great strong
scissors that worked best, plus getting
two pot holders sopping wet with
crab juices) nestled next to a melted
butter shell cup--a dollop of mashed
sweet potato, a wedge of Jarlsberg cheese
with hot Maine blueberry tea to aid in
the digestion.....burp!
from The Palette Inn---on the coast of Maine
...Jill Mordasky, Keeper
(this is an email sent out to some
family and friends as a joke---
I do not own any place on the
coast of Maine---and the flowery
meal discription seems to be how
I might have to do a menu , if
I did...:-)


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Lindart said...

Sounds like you would make a great chef in your own restaurant - if you had one! I'd eat there in a snap! Enjoy your Easter!

Alex said...

I am drooling all over my keyboard looking at this one ^^ Thanks again for dropping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment and sharing experience about the Moleskine sketchbook. I used a lot of watercolors and applying layers over layers that's why, that's the reason why I should switch to the Watercolor Moleskine instead whenever I want to do watercoloring ^^