Monday, April 27, 2009

Self Portrait EDM Challenge 56

I found this unposted challenge

done in pencil, when I decided I

better make a record

of what Challenges I have done..and where

they are located etc. It was tricky to

do this flipping through

4 different journals..but I'm glad

I didn't wait any longer. I am

accentuating the positives if possible--

for the negatives will wear you down.

The little Auburn Maine bottle

(where I grew up) I did on a seperate

piece of moleskine paper and

glued it where it would hide something

and improve the page. I did use a mirror and

a photo I had taken in a mirror while drawing

--even if I have

a photo, if I can see the thing or hold

it, helps me draw it the way I want to.


Alex said...

I must say Winna, your drawings always put a smile on my face! And the only thing that comes to my mind after that is that... what's she going to do next??? ^^
I love this one! The pencil detailing and shading is simply perfect! And the caption makes me smile wider :) Thanks!

seesue said...

I'm with Alex. There is always so much of interest on your pages and your self portrait is so finely drawn as well. I love wondering as to the whys and wherefore's of all your extra bits.

Joan Gillman Smith said...

Winna, you always add such creative twists to what to others would be a mundane subject. This self portrait is another triumph of whimsy!

Terri Kahrs said...

Winna, this self portrait just glows with your creativity! Outstanding work!

scus said...

This is really good., knew it was you with first glance!!!

Alex said...

I don't want to double-post in the latest one because that's like a contest thing, but I wanted to tell you that it DID take me a long time to draw my friend's thing ^^ It took me 2 nights and around 2 hours each. I said "quick" because the colored ones usually takes longer time than that :D
Thanks again Winna for leaving comments all the time, they're sweet as ever and always appreciated ^^