Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'll leave it to you to put your own
interpretation on this spread--I had
several ideas and so this developed
.....right click to read better--the pages
are in a small Moleskine
where I had cut two consecutive
pages out---and then glued the
cut edges left,
in the center---I needed some
Moleskine paper and still
have some left in the journal's
back pocket for future use. I'm using
pencil, ink, watercolor pencils
and waterbrushes.


john.p said...

That latch threw me for a loop until I could see what it was. Neat! I like the layout. The crow adds a nice somber feel, too.

Alex said...

I knew that when Winna posts, something amazing will fill up my screen again, and it DID!
:) This one is with such depth, and the wood color is just so warm and theatrical in lots of way! I like the crow and the eyes too.. they provide some contrasts and different perspective to the whole package. Another magical one I'd say!

Sandy said...

Very cool set of Windows!! Love the window latch included!!

Sherry said...

Another treat for my tired old eyes. I especially like the gabled windows at the bottom of your page.

deborah said...

I love the layout and the colors...Your writing style is awesome...I wish I could write like that.

Owen said...

Winna, your work is always a pleasure to view; always.

Claire M said...

Wonderful page - I love the surprise of the 'window to the combined page'. How clever!!

Beth Baxter said...

I love this spread.

Anita Davies said...

Love the windows to your soul! :)

Anonymous said...

Superb! Several different windows and yet you have made such a cohesive spread.

Lindart said...

Beautiful! I love the church windows, and the latch on your kitchen window. That would be a great view!

Margaret Ann said...

Magnificent spread! :)

Jules said...

Winna! As usual just lovely - A window onto windows! I really like the way this page is composed. But then, I always admire your knack for composition!