Thursday, April 2, 2009

Table Pigeons

Every Day Matters Challenge #208

Draw something out of place


After the incident with the Grackle

bird running amok upstairs

recently, I hoped the pigeons

over on the neighbors' roof

wouldn't try to visit in the

kitchen. I'd had this #208 challenge

in mind and Sumner sent a photo

better than mine, to look at.

I do a light pencil ' positioning search sketch' and

then use a fine pen to get as
serious as I feel like....


Arty Velarde said...

I like the colors AND lines on this one. I was going to ask how you did the lines then I read your posting. Thanks!

marancat said...

Winna, you have captured the shape of these birds perfectly - I have trouble getting birds right! Do you have a favourite pen and a particular brand of ink that you like?

Alex said...

I love pigeons! ^^ Pigeons in Cologne are so people-friendly, they're not afraid of people at all, and walk amongst the crowd like they're one of us.
I love the way they walk "bobblehead" style. :)
This is a very nice sketch and love the colors too!

Thanks for commenting on my Sharky post. ^^

Jules said...

What super pigeons, Winna! I love this spread - very witty.

We are under seige with pigeons right now as the woman next door keeps throwing ENORMOUS chunks of bread out of her window!

Anonymous said...

Jules, don't tell anybody but I don't feed the birds anymore unless I need to draw them for photographs..the neighbors do,so they have them on THER roof..:-) winna

Terri Kahrs said...

Fabulously fun! (LOL)

Sherry said...

That WOULD be a nightmare straight out of a 1950s "B" movie. I liked pigeons on the farm, but as an adult I've come to feel less friendly toward them.

Shelly McC said...

Love the pigeons!

Teri C said...

Wonderful job on this and interpreting the challenge.

Anonymous said...

the cribage board is as good as a signature. Mr.Knowitall