Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bus Stop Welcome

Quite a few times I have been on this road
in town and had to stop behind a school bus.....
it seems odd to me that this would happen in this
same spot, but it has a few times. The big ole dog
always waits for her to get off the bus, in an
anticipating, tail waging stance .
She has a bag in her hand which demands
a good sniffing--it might be a treat!


Owen said...

Every day matters and there you are recording them.

Claire M said...

lovely page - reminds me of many times going to greet my boys coming home on the bus. Sweet image - sweet memories!

Alex said...

Another meaningful piece that's simply nicely illustrated! :) I love the expression of the dog and the movement shown on the girl. And again, the colors :) They just make me so happy(the caption does the same trick)

Alex said...

Thank you so much again Winna for replying my comment on one of my posts. It's a great compliment from you to think that my work is special. But a lot of things are actually accidental. The paper I drew on is yellowish, and I usually take the pictures at night under a yellow lamp, hence the earthy background color. :)
And the perched bird, it's been with me since I was in high school, and I always use it to lighten up the atmosphere a little.
I am still seeking a little life and a lot more depth in my sketches. I know for sure that I still lack those in my work. Thanks again!

Sandy said...

Aww how cute, what good friends. Nice pages as always!

Sherry said...

Smiling here - our dog used to do the same thing.

seesue said...

Winna this is a delightful story of a drawing. Love it.