Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost and Found

I added the above photo, so you can see
how adding names to small post its
and then folding them worked out..

This is what I keep my watercolor pencils

in and grab colors from

when doing a Artist's Journal page

. It came from Pier One a long time

ago and is a thick transparent

deep mylar type bowl

sectioned into four areas for an

assortment of dippers for salsa

that would be in the center part, where

I had inserted a jar that fits with a

dab of that blue tack it to keep

it stable......

.....and I bought two--the other for

the regular colored pencils. What

a surprise bonus for me to find

the "................" I had bought

months ago and lost it right off

quick---a frustrating hunt brought forth

no results. I guess if you

hang around long enough,

things turn up. Do you see it?


Owen said...

I wouldn't want you to see my set up, especially not now.

Waiting... said...

is it a paint brush?

Sandy said...

both are so graphic!! I am sure you have told us - but what WC pencils do you prefer??

Anonymous said...

Faber Castelle because they are one of the best, I hope---with all the time I spend on the pages, I hope they
last quite a while--ah well, I'll never know....winna

Alex said...

I think there's only one odd thing there in the pink/reds quadrant which looks like a marker pen or a stick glue. :) I don't know what it is but I love your way of segregating your pencils, and I am sticking to the green quadrant. :p
Glad that you found what you're looking for Winna!

Sherry said...

The photo of your colored pencils is a wonderful colored spiral! Love it.